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What is the difference between a palm roll and interlocking?

Posted on July 29, 2019 at 11:40 PM

Palm rolling and interlocking are both forms of loc maintenance. These techniques allow for the new growth around the root of the loc to be added to the body of the loc.

The objective of the palm roll is to gather all of the new growth in a single loc and roll it tightly, so that over time the new hair will settle into the loc. Pros: a nice sleek look lasting 2-3 weeks, no thinning, no fuzzy loc, wash included, and takes an average of 45min - 1 hr.

Interlocking serves the same purpose, except with the use of a crochet needle; The loc is pulled tightly through itself multiple times until the loc is tight to the scalp, eliminating new growth. Pros: no new growth, last 4-6 weeks, no bulkiness, and great for active lifestyle.    


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