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What do I do with my natural hair?

Posted on September 24, 2019 at 1:05 AM
Women and men start growing their hair natural because it is the cultural response to fixing damaged hair. Others begin natural styling for the versatility that compliments their active lifestyle. Many people braid their hair to grow it and let it rest from harsh daily styling. Others use different braid styles  and other protective styles to compliment their personalities or for convenience because of their busy work schedules.   Whatever the reason may be, we  understand that everything is not for everybody.  However, we are wise to the fact that there is something for every individual.  The diversity in Naturally curly hair styles and textures inspire us to care for healthy hair. Our team has experienced a plethora of hair texture combinations and are committed to finding a style that fits you.       AT CDMH Studio you will experience the skills of a Master Braider, knowledgeable in the art of healthy braid techniques that grow hair. These techniques will be tailored to fit your hair texture and lifestyle.

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